Iserv Solutions is an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled B2B product, service and solution provider. It was conceived and started by a group of engineers and technocrats. We are in the domain of electronic hardware, software development and system integration. We take immense pride in integrating technology to drive innovation, reinventing and redesigning products from concept phase to prototype to MVP to production. We provide end to end IoT solutions and product engineering services.

What is the need for IoT ?

Before we delve into the need of IoT to disrupt various industries, let’s understand what IoT is: ‘’Physical objects or Things” are equipped with sensors that measure physical characteristics of the surrounding environments & using low power network technologies share the data from these “things” to other “things” across networks & data centers’’


  • Farming
  • Smart Cities
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Fleet Management & Telematics
  • Internet remote Solution
  • Industry (Mfg., Inventory & warehousing, Mining operations etc.)


  • Early POC
  • Embedded IOT Hardware Development
  • IOT Software Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Product Engineering